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Learn with our high-end portable 12-workstation ship simulators. Hempstead Maritime Training (HMT) is a USCG-approved training provider for the USCG-certified ECDIS course (electronic chart systems). We also provide Advanced Integrative Navigation (AIN), a customizable course unique to HMT. With the end of paper charts closing in, now is the perfect time to master electronic charts!

About me

Master Mariner

Master Mariner, with over 25 years in substantial instructional and 20 years of deep sea shipping experience and notable achievements in development of skills-based training and simulation in marine navigation, especially ECDIS navigation.

Introduced integrated navigation courses (IN) into the academic deck curriculum at USMMA as replacements for traditional single-focus courses such as ship handling, electronic navigation, radar, ARPA and ECDIS.

Christian Hempstead

Owner and SIM Traning Expert

Master Mariner Trainer
STCW-Compliant Course

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Course ECDIS I

The 5-day STCW-compliant course required by the USCG for officers intending to stand navigation watches where ECDIS is installed, certificate results in removal of limitation on mariner’s credential.

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Hands On Practice - ECDIS

Hands-On Practice

Gain hands-on practice using ECDIS in simulated underway scenarios where all aspects of navigation are required - lookout, radar, AIS and maneuvering in coastal and confined waters.

Practical Knowledge

Practical Knowledge

The course includes written and practical underway evaluations.

Real World Case Studies

Real World Case Studies

Review of ECDIS training standards, regulatory aspects, and case studies involving ECDIS.

Advanced Integrative Navigation

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Advanced Integrative Navigation (AIN) is a unique and customizable 4-day course designed for mariners holding an ECDIS certificate but seeking more practice. AIN is not an STCW course and is not required by any authority. AIN picks up where the ECDIS course leaves off.

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The AIN course is built around pairs of watch standers as mini bridge teams; all teams are placed in the same scenario. Bridge resource management works as a through line in each scenario with the added dimension of distribution between multiple bridges.

Simulator Practice

Practical Knowledge

Simulator practice focuses on blended skills of navigational decision making in a paperless environment. ECDIS is applied as an essential tool in support of concise communications, close-quarters maneuvering, confined waters, potential faults, and environmental challenges.

Better Opportunities

Better Opportunities

Certificates in both ECDIS I & II will enhance your mariner resume with the skills needed for open water navigation and safety.

Geographical Information Systems

The Why:

A significant event in the history of navigation is taking place, namely the conversion of navigation away from paper charts to electronic charts (NOAA is ending paper charts by 2025). The electronic charts themselves are undergoing a significant change over the next 5 years toward a substantially new design that is compatible with many forms of contemporary geographical information systems (GIS). There is a generational resistance to these developments that must be overcome without losing traditional skills. Juniors favor the flat screen and the calculator, while the graybeards favor the outside view and the mental math. These methods must be integrated before the latter dies off. That is why I do what I do.

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Now is the best time to get certified in ECDIS if you want to grow your career in the shipping industry. Dont miss out and join the next available cohort near you!

Shipping Industry

Pioneering Marine Navigation Courses in Washington at Hempstead Maritime Training

At Hempstead Maritime Training, we are committed to providing top-tier marine education. Our comprehensive courses, including the renowned marine navigation course in Washington, are designed to equip aspiring seafarers with the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful maritime career. We invite you to explore our options.

Electronic Marine Navigation Course: Charting Your Path to Success

Our electronic marine navigation course stands as a testament to our commitment to innovative maritime education. This course offers an in-depth exploration of electronic navigation systems, raising the bar for marine navigation training. We ensure our trainees are well-versed in the latest technological advancements, equipping them for the rapidly evolving maritime industry.

ECDIS & Advanced Integrative Navigation Course: Navigating the Future

Our ECDIS & advanced integrative navigation course is another cornerstone of our curriculum. This course focuses on the electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS), a key component in modern navigation. The ECDIS navigation training module offers hands-on experience with ECDIS systems, fostering proficiency and confidence in our trainees.

As pioneers in maritime education, we at Hempstead Maritime Training are dedicated to shaping the future of the maritime industry. We invite you to join us in navigating the path to success. Contact us today and set sail on your maritime journey. We’ll help you explore the latest advancements in maritime navigation to keep you at the forefront. We offer courses throughout the Upper West Coast region and nationwide.

What Past Students Are Saying:


Michael Ales

Retired Associate Professor at US Merchant Marine Academy

Mr. Hempstead recently taught a two-day ECDIS Familiarization class to my organization, the Marine Chart Division at NOAA, and it was excellent. It was refreshing to see the ENCs that we maintain displayed as they're supposed to be - in an ECDIS - and valuable to hear Mr. Hempstead's power user insights about what works and what doesn't. The class was very well thought out and Mr. Hempstead explained things extremely well; he's an excellent trainer. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his classes and hope to have the opportunity to attend another one in the future.


Briana Hillstrom

Hydrographer/NOAA Corps Captain, June 24, 2021

Highly recommend Advanced Integrative Navigation with ECDIS course. This course expands beyond the USCG requirements for 40-hour ECDIS instruction and teaches cohesive bridge resource management with the ECDIS as the central tool for safe navigation, which is a key change to NOAA bridge watchstanding as paper charts become obsolete. NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson's Wardroom (from the CO to the most junior JO) used this course to safely identify, develop, and practice ship specific and operationally specific standard uses of ECDIS as the primary means of navigation for regionally-specific transits and operations.


Brandy Geiger

Nautical Cartographer at NOAA, March 26, 2018,

When I was a student at GMATS – Kings Point through NOAA, I had the opportunity to receive some of my training with Christian. I thoroughly enjoyed his teaching style and his many stories. I was on the edge of my seat when he talked about his time sailing on the Exxon Valdez as well as his days of sailing with his father. He is a true mentor, maritime instructor, and riveting storyteller. To this day, I keep a copy of American Practical Navigator on my desk because of his influence on me!

Frequetly Asked Questions

Where do you conduct the courses?

Depending on the size and geo location of sutdents, our classes are taught in a conference room with USCG Alternate Site approval. Once regested and site approval granted you will recieve the location to attend the course.

How long do the courses last?

The ECDIS I for STCW is a 5 Day course and the ECDIS II (AIN) is a 4 Day course. They are all consecutive day courses.

How many students can attend the course?

We opperate 12 high-end portable workstation ship simulators which can accommodate 12 students at a time. We require at least 6 students to begin a cohort.

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